“I am a self-motivated and creative researcher with excellent communication skills.

I have over 20 years experience in management and teaching and an extensive background in designing and carrying out experiments, researching scientific literature and writing published reports.

I am eager to contribute actively towards policy debate in my research field. I am personally determined that any research I undertake has a measurable impact on public policy. The combined involvement of Royal Holloway and TRL on my ESRC funded PhD project means I am practised in integrating the interests of science and industry in my research to produce real-world applications.

I passionately believe in the importance of distributing peer reviewed evidence into the public arena and promote careful judgement of data. How science is communicated to the public is more important than ever in this current climate of false news and loss of faith in experts. I enjoy presenting my research to diverse audiences such as automotive industry experts, academic conferences and school age children.”

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